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What's happening at The YoungStock

Dear reader

Thank you for visiting the website and for being such a valued customer. We love generating super stories, fun facts and ravishing recipes for you to enjoy. 

Your summer edition is now here - with lots of interesting features, recipe and much more. Did you know that an agronomist is actually a plant detective? Or that miniature donkeys were bred to work on mediterranean farms? Delve into this copy to find out more stories like this! For our younger readers there is a brilliant colouring page and for those wordsmiths we have our word of the month. 


On the 8th August we will be celebrating British farmers up and down the country with #Farm24 - why not get involved. All the details are on page 2 - and don't forget to email Susannah on or Emma on with all your brilliant photos of the day!

But in the meantime enjoy your new bumper quarterly issues and don't forget to send in your letters and pictures.

Stay tuned for exciting updates.

See you soon, 

Emma x

The YoungStock is a print magazine for children aged 7 to 11

Inside are facts and stories on farming and the countryside.

There will also be regular features on arable, machinery and livestock, sustainability, careers and seasonal produce – with a fun recipe to try out. 

We want to engage farming children to read factual content and for children from a non-farming background to be actively interested in our environment and food production.


The magazine will be addressed to them and when it comes through the letter box, they will want to explore all the articles. 

The features will develop their curiosity and fine tune their reading skills. They will start to formulate opinions and learn about new topics. And of course, there is a page designated to our mini farmers too – with colouring and photos. 

Here at The YoungStock we want to educate our readers about farmed animal welfare standards, food production, climate change and countryside issues in a fun and factual way. 

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The Young Stock Merchandise is Here:

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Reviews from our Young Stock Readers

“We received our first copy of The Youngstock, it is quite simply fantastic. Thank you for bringing something new, something real and educational to the table”

- SJ Bateman

“My two mini farmers haven’t put it down yet. I’m so impressed by the quality of the articles inside and how formative it is while still being appealing to a younger reader”

 - @alittlecountrymum

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