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What's Happening On The Farm

These summer months provide our flora and fauna many days of

sun ... and rain!

The countryside is most definitely awake now with hedges full of nature. Birds are foraging on insects; bees are searching for nectar and livestock take shelter or shade depending on the weather.

Down on the farm hay and silage will be made, crops are growing and harvest machines are being prepared for the summer harvest. This time of year is where an abundance of our food is made ready for us to eat - yum.

The YoungStock is a print magazine for children aged 7 to 11

Inside the 32 pages are facts and stories on farming and the countryside.

There will also be regular features on wildlife crime and seasonal produce – with a fun recipe to try out. 

We want to engage farming children to read factual content and for children from a non-farming background to be actively interested in our environment and food production.


The magazine will be addressed to them and when it comes through the letter box, they will want to explore all the articles. 

The features will develop their curiosity and fine tune their reading skills. They will start to formulate opinions and learn about new topics. And of course, there is a page designated to our mini farmers too – with colouring and photos. 

Here at The YoungStock we want to educate our readers about farmed animal welfare standards, food production, climate change and countryside issues in a fun and factual way. 

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Reviews from our Young Stock Readers

“We received our first copy of The Youngstock, it is quite simply fantastic. Thank you for bringing something new, something real and educational to the table”

- SJ Bateman

“My two mini farmers haven’t put it down yet. I’m so impressed by the quality of the articles inside and how formative it is while still being appealing to a younger reader”

 - @alittlecountrymum